CodeQuest 2024

Join us for an immersive educational experience like no other, designed to inspire and empower the next generation of computer science innovators through coding and AI. Students aged 13-17 are welcome.

An insightful real-world learning experience!

This rare opportunity brings together students from around the globe. Here’s the student experience at a glance.

Engaging Hackathons

Insightful Speakers

University Campus Visits

Silicon Valley Experience

The Student Experience

Multiple hackathon competitions designed to inspire creativity in coding and teach real world applications of AI.

AI HackStack Project Challenge

The first generative AI companion tool specifically crafted for those new to AI, enables students to go from text-to-code-to-output instantaneously.

Competitors will be partnered with other students to develop a project using AI prompting and present for judging.

AI League CodeQuest Global Final

An epic competitive coding esports platform that encourages creative programming in a game-based environment.

Competitors will be partnered with other students to develop the optimal code to outwit the other teams, collect head-to-head wins and finish atop the leaderboard.

Hackathons will be held at renowned universities, offering a unique experience for students to immerse themselves in the collegiate setting.

Globally acclaimed for its cutting-edge research and innovation, UC Berkeley provides comprehensive and rigorous computer science programs. These programs enhance creative problem-solving skills and encourage a deeper understanding of computational theory, equipping individuals to be transformative leaders in the rapidly evolving tech industry.

Recognized worldwide as a leader in technology and innovation, Stanford offers robust programs in computer science, fostering creative thinking and a deep understanding of theoretical foundation, preparing individuals to become pioneering leaders in computer science and technology.

Our roster of speakers offer unparalleled insight into what it takes to pursue success in computer science and will help judge the competitions.

UC Berkley Featured Speaker

While immersed in the collegiate setting of this storied university, students will be welcomed by representatives from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley, who will provide a glimpse into the extensive research and cutting edge developments in computer science happening right here on campus. Students will gain insight into what it is like to be a part of these research programs and what career pathways can be realized.

Google X - The Moonshot Factory Featured Speaker

In 2010, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to form a new division of the company to work on moonshots: far-out, sci-fi sounding technologies that could one day make the world a radically better place. 10 years in, X has incubated hundreds of different moonshot projects, many of which have gone on to become independent businesses. Hear how this diverse group of inventors and entrepreneurs build and launch technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions, even billions, of people.

Nick Winter, CEO, CodeCombat

Nick is the founder and CEO of CodeCombat. A proven leader in the edtech industry, Nick blends his passion for education with his technological expertise to make learning programming more accessible and engaging for students across the globe. Prior to CodeCombat, he co-founded Skritter, a platform for learning Chinese and Japanese characters. With a strong commitment to revolutionize the education sector, Nick actively contributes to making coding a fundamental skill for the future generation. His dedication and vision continue to inspire and impact the realm of edtech.

Apple Tech Development Workshop

Hear first hand from a panel of venture capitalists and tech leaders as they detail the process for building a global tech platform and creating a successful business plan. This interactive presentation will pull back the curtain on what it's like to build the next great piece of tech and how to launch it.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley offer students the unique opportunity to experience life at a tech giant and explore the sights of the city.

Visit Google HQ & X- The Moonshot Factory

Located in Mountain View California, the Google campus offers a unique glimpse into the heart of Silicon Valley innovation. Students will encounter whimsical architecture, a multitude of collaborative workspaces, and tech-driven art installations that inspire creativity and provide a peek at what working in tech could be like. This exclusive tour will visit X - The Moonshot Factory to see how this innovative team inside of Google is creating radical new technologies to solve some of the world’s hardest problems.

Apple Park HQ Visit & Workshop

Apple Park is the global headquarters for the innovative tech giant and a must visit attraction when in San Fransisco. Students will experience Steve Jobs’ “Garage Culture” that inspired Apple to become the largest company in the world, and join a workshop with venture capitalists and tech leaders, to hear first hand what it takes to build a global tech platform and create your own business plan.

San Francisco Tour

Hear first hand from a panel of venture capitalists and tech leaders as they detail the process for building a global tech platform and creating a successful business plan. This interactive presentation will pull back the curtain on what it's like to build the next great piece of tech and how to launch it.

The specifics regarding the planned series of activities are subject to changes due. We commit to keeping you informed of such changes as much as possible, although they may occur without advance notice.

If you have any questions

How it Works




Students interested in participating will fill out an application.

A skills assessment or evaluation may be needed to confirm your ability to participate.




If you are accepted, a program advisor will contact you to confirm the additional details.

An initial deposit will be required to hold your spot in the program.

Your travel will be coordinated and booked.

A liability waiver will be required for all participants.




Prior to departure you will receive a comprehensive travel packet with all the information you will need to know.

Preparations have been made to shuttle participants from the airport to the hotel and to and from the activities throughout the week. Transportation back to the airport for departure will also be arranged.

The full package fee will be due prior to travel, minus the initial deposit fee.

The paced schedule will fill the days with a mixture of learning and fun.



International Participants

Travel Day




International Participants

San Francisco




All Participants

UC Berkeley




All Participants

Silicon Valley

Tours & Speakers



All Participants





International Participants

Travel Day


This Opportunity is Open to International and Domestic Participants

International: FULL WEEK

The complete experience including all three hackathon days, multiple university campus experiences and two days of San Francisco and Silicon Valley immersion.

Pricing: $ 10,000

For our international participants coming from outside the US

Includes air-travel and accommodations

Domestic (US): 3 DAYS

Includes participation in all three hackathon days and features multiple university campus experiences.

Pricing: $3,750

For US-based participants

Includes air-travel and accommodations

Pricing: $2,175

For local participants

Does not include travel or accommodations. Students will need to meet at each event site to participate

Included in most package options

Airfare & Local Transportation

Round-trip flights on major carriers and transportation to and from airport, hotel and event locations.

Hotel Accommodations

All hotels must meet our high standards for quality, safety, and cleanliness.


Minimum three meals per day, as well as snacks and water available throughout each activity filled day.

All experience details are subject to change.

Health and Safety Precautions

Students will remain in secure facilities guided by our team of education advisors.

All chaperones and education advisors have completed background checks.

All facilities will be approved for safety, on-site quality control, and cleanliness.

At this time there are no travel restrictions due to Covid or another illness. If a travel restriction is reinstated or if our team deems there to be a concern for the health of the participants, the experience may be changed or cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age requirement?

Participants must be aged 13-17 and be able to provide legal documentation to travel.

Can I travel with my child?

Some parents do choose to travel, however the activities, events, travel and accommodations are only provided for students.

How much experience do you need to participate?

A basic understanding of programming in any language is all that a student must know. Since we are grouping them into teams of varying experience levels we expect those with more experience to support those with less.

Should I bring my laptop?

We will supply all the hardware and software needed to participate in the hackathons. While we will allow participants to use their personal computers, our team may not be able to fully support or troubleshoot all issues, so we recommend using the equipment provided.

Do I need bring any identification supporting materials?

Domestic - if the participant is traveling alone, we ask their parent or legal guardian to complete an emergency contact form that includes identification information about their child.

Global - global students need to bring their passports (with VISA) with them.

What accommodations can my child expect?

All participants and chaperones will be staying at the same hotel, with separate accommodations for participants and chaperones. Participants will share a room with a fellow participant. Staff members are never allowed to be alone with participants. Parents who wish to accompany their child will share a room together.

What if my child is allergic to certain foods or has medical needs?

Any health concerns pertaining to your child should be identified in the emergency contact form.

Who will be chaperoning my child?

Our pledge is to put your children in the company of the most trustworthy and capable individuals we can hire–certified instructors and counselors who are well suited to the task of caring for participants. Each staff member undergoes an intense background and reference check; the effort we put into screening and selecting our staff is part of that pledge.

Our staff work with your children in the context of a visible, well scrutinized environment that has many built-in checks and balances. Instructors and counselors are guided by clear, firm policies regarding behavior. Their actions are visible to co-workers and participants.

What general safety measures do you have in place?

All staff go through emergency and crisis management training.

What is your refund policy?

Deposits to hold your space are refundable up until travel is booked for the participant. Once travel is booked we will not be able to provide a refund.

See more frequently asked questions in our help center.